Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Reason I Haven't Posted in a While...

So, believe it or not, there is a reason that I haven't posted for a while. Actually, there are reasons. None of them are really all THAT valid, but they're my reasons. :) I stopped journaling on a regular basis and blamed that on my assignment in my Korean class to keep a Korean journal. After trying to think of how to write things out in Korean, I just didn't feel like journaling anymore. Now I don't have to keep a journal anymore, but I still don't write in my regular journal. Wahh wahhhh. As for my blog, I'm blaming the lack of writing on my new found internet networking community: cyworld. Cyworld is basically the Korean version of facebook, but I think maybe it's been around longer (don't quote me on that). So the good thing about cyworld is that I can connect with my Korean church friends, most of which are scared to death of facebook. The bad thing about it is that it's all in Korean!!! So it takes me SO long to do anything on there! And, whenever I write to my friends, I usually have to write in Korean too, which takes a lot of time and energy!
So, speaking of those people that are taking up my time on the web...they're wonderful! I've been forming so many great friendships with the people at my new church! It's so great to feel like I really have a community of friends again...not just a couple friends here or there, but really a community of them. And I was told by one of those friends last night that they seem to appreciate me too. I sometimes think that as the foreigner hanging out with the Koreans that I just become a bit of a bother. Like "Oh, yeah, we need to make sure Tori knows what's going on." So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday in my conversation with my friend. He was complimenting me, saying that my Korean was good and that I had many friends at the church... then he told me that many people had talked to him, saying that I was a blessing at this church.
I have to say....people can tell me up and down that that I do a good job, or compliment me on some talent or another, but whenever someone tells me that they feel like I'm a blessing from God, I feel really special. I think part of it is that this kind of comment is not very common, so it feels even more sincere. Anyway, it was just really encouraging to feel like not only am I beginning to fit in, but also that someone would consider me a blessing as opposed to a hindrance. So I left the car (to go to bowling club, haha) with a great feeling. I'm very encouraged in my interactions with other now knowing that at least some people genuinely do enjoy me being around!
Today's a good day. ^^

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