Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Normally when we hear this phrase, it's used in a negative reference, like you say one thing, but do another, and the impact is made by the bad action you performed. I know sometimes it's a positive thing, but not often. Right now, I'd like to use this phrase to describe a bit of a different situation. I think this phrase is so so so so true when referring to interacting with people + language barrier. Some of my teachers, they are really good at English. They will speak to me everyday, and they make me feel welcome and comfortable. Then some of my other teachers cannot speak English at all really. You would think that they feel a little cold, right? Wrong. They are the ones that go out of their way for me with their actions in order to make me feel at home. It's funny how you could talk to me until you're blue in the face, but what seems so much more sincere is when a teacher will just come up, set some random food (or whatever) on my desk, and then just give me a big smile. It totally makes my day whenever the teachers who are least confident with their English communicate with me...not necessarily through their words, but more through their actions. I love it. ^^
Also, just a random thought, spring here is beautiful. I don't mean the weather...the weather has been crazy. The other day, there was a 38 degree difference between the morning and afternoon was insane. But, the colors are amazing. You know HDR photos? That's what life looks like right now! It rained this morning, and colors were just popping out around every corner! It was amazing, and it definitely lifted my spirits to see such beautiful colors and flowers. It's amazing how these little things in life can bring us joy, but it's just hard to deny when beauty is right there in front of you. ^^