Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A First Time for Everything

As I thought about writing this blog, I thought about how intricate the human mind is. I have found it so interesting that sometimes the things that make me go "Huh...", the things that make me homesick, the things that make my heart soar....they're often such tiny little details in life. The silliest little thing can make me so happy for an entire day. And the silliest little thing can make me really sad for a while as well. It's just interesting to me how complex of beings we are.

Anyway, now onto the "real" message here. Today is a first for me. It's my first family oriented holiday out of the states. Now, I've spent Thanksgiving away from my family before, but I think it's just different when you're so far away. Also, it makes a big difference when you're living somewhere that the particular holiday you're experiencing isn't celebrated. Korea already had their main Thanksgiving-esque holiday, so today is nothing special here. I feel like I'm overlooking something, like I'm missing out on something big! And Thanksgiving never really "feels" that super just "feels" weird to not have it present. That's all. On a happy note, there are some people from my church and such that are getting together for a big Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. So that should be fun!

Tonight, I'm going out with the young teachers at my school. They're super fun, and their English for the most part is pretty bad, so it makes for a really fun and challenging evening! I don't know where we'll go to eat, but I am sure it'll be something very traditionally Korean. It tends to lean that way with that group. :) Another random thought is this: I am almost going bonkers trying to make sure things are in order for the first Sunday of Advent. I am partnered up as a head of the worship planning committee at my church. It's really interesting working with that, because it's not the kind of "committee" I've ever been on before. It's a different kind of responsibility within the church than what I'm accustomed to, so it's kind of a fun challenge. And I feel good being involved in the church too other than just the worship team. It feels like I have some responsibility to the church, which is nice. So yeah. I feel like I'm just throwing out random thoughts here and there, so I'm going to go ahead and go now before I say something ridiculous! Haha...enjoy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swine Flu and Slippers in School

So, today I'd like to start by saying that it's a miracle thus far that I haven't caught the swine flu. I have now been in direct contact with 3 people that had it, and am still (as far as I know) healthy as a bean. I hope beans are healthy, because that would be a poor analogy otherwise. Anyway, last Tuesday I got an email informing me that my roommate was prescribed medicine for the swine flu and that I needed to go buy a mask and move out of my room for the week. So I did so, and I moved into a room with a broken shower and barely any heat (in fact no heat on the first two days I lived there). It's been an interesting week to say the least! The girl I teach piano to also has swine flu, and my friend and Bible study leader found out Friday that he has it as well. Awesome. So, I'm staying away from it with all my might! So far so good! I feel like I've been cautious about it, but I haven't become a germaphobe or anything. Maybe I'm not cautious enough, I don't know, but I guess since I'm still living healthy, I'm doing something right!

Also, I have to make it known how much I love the whole "wear slippers in school" thing. During the summer I hated it, because it was just more hassle at the door. But now, while it's winter and cold on the way to school, it's awesome. I can wear my snow boots or tennis shoes to school in the morning, and then put on my school slippers from there. This is really convenient when I don't have to "look dressy" anywhere after school. Also, everyone wears crazy colors and patterns of socks. Your socks don't have to match what you're wearing at all! So the other day I wore bright pink socks that said "Wednesday" on was Friday. Needless to say at this point, what used to seem like an extra task at the beginning of my day has now become a blessing to me-getting to wear whatever shoes I darn well please at the beginning and end of each day!

So I hope this finds you readers out there well. I know I haven't written much this month. I've been a bit ADD and I've also been a bit captivated by some Korean dramas online, lol. Pitiful excuse, I know, but it....helps me learn the language and the culture. Yeah. That's it. Lol. Anyway, one of the shows is kind of Alias-esque in nature, all about secret agencies and what not. Then the other show is kind of a childish one, but it's fun to watch. Anyway, I'll be trying to get on here more in order to keep you faithful readers updated on my life! Haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Writing for the sake of writing...

I wonder...should I write just for the sake of writing? I don't really have any earth shattering news to talk about when it comes to things these days. Normally I write with a certain topic in mind. Right now, I'm just rambling, but I feel like it's been long enough since I last wrote that maybe I should write something!
Well, here's a topic...the students in the middle schools in my town are participating in a pop song contest. Then they compete at the school level and get narrowed down for the city wide contest. I was asked to work with the students and get them ready for the competition. At first I thought "Wow, piece of cake...teach kids to sing in English...." but then I realized just how hard it would be. The kids participating in this aren't necessarily awesome at English...they can just sing pretty well. So, sometimes getting my point across can be a bit of a challenge. I'm so used to teaching music in English, that it becomes difficult to stray away from those typical words or phrases used in English and try to find other ways to describe what they need to do. I can't exactly pose the "Lift your soft palate" business with them! Their like "Lift my what??" However, as challenging as it may be, it's also very rewarding. I feel my joy in teaching music to these kids, and they think that I'm some amazing singer so it scores me hardcore brownie points when I want them to do something that seems a little off the wall!
Also, I should tell you about 패패로 (Pepero) Day. This is a day that most Koreans say was designed by Lotte (the makers of Pepero) as a marketing scheme. Pepero are these cookie/pretzel type of sticks and they're either filled with or covered in chocolate. Pepero Day is on Novemeber 11th (11.11) because the sticks resemble the date. People are supposed to give pepero to and eat it with their lovers, but it's turned into the same type of deal as Valentine's Day where people give them to classmates, teachers, fellow workers, etc. It was a fun day, and I got 6 boxes of Pepero! I'm gonna be a fatty soon!
So...there's a little look at my week, through Pepero Day and Pop Song Contest preparation...I hope you enjoyed!