Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now THIS is worth writing home about...

Ok, so first of all, we had our first snow that actually stuck last night! I'm looking outside to a white ground right now! :) And last night was so much fun to watch the all the college kids out in the snow, sliding around, taking pictures, reminded me of college, which in turn reminded me of home. It was kind of nice to think of winter at home though-it was something I hadn't thought of much since winter started here.

So, yesterday, the teachers at my school went out to eat together (a celebrating finals type of thing I think) and we went to a restaurant that one of our student's parents owns. We had some sort of bulgogi/shabbu shabbu thing, chop chae, and various other sides. Now, if you recall from before, Shabbu Shabbu is a food that is loaded with mushrooms, but I somehow like it. After we ate our meal, the principal came through to each of us and poured us a shot of cider (Sprite) and told us about the things we'd done well this year and the things he looked forward to for the next year. I thought that was pretty cool. After this, the owner of the restaurant brought out a special dish as a thank you. The English teacher sitting across from me was like "Oh, Tori you need to try's raw beef." Now, to those who don't know, the girl that's speaking right now is the same girl who wouldn't even eat the meat cooked for dinner if she SAW it raw. However, this is also the girl who wants to fit in culturally and not seem like a stuck up American who won't try new things. So, I did. Mom, Dad, Bud, did you hear me? I ate raw beef...straight up raw beef with just a little bit of sesame seasoning on it, paired with little slices of raddish. Can you believe it? It was the size and shape of meat that comes out of a know, those little tubular shapes strings of meat? Yeah. Now for the kicker. Ready..................................................................... I liked it. Yeah....I liked it. It had a really good taste to it. And had I not been wigging myself out psychologically, I would've probably enjoyed it even more! Haha. Anyway, all this to say, I think my fear of uncooked meat has gone away. I had gotten over the site of it (especially when you walk past markets and stuff here where there's like pig hearts and intestines out for sale), but I've just taken it one step further. Now all I need to do is get over the mouth-noises-annoy-me syndrome. :)